Description: TOA Secretary

Term: May 2018 – May 2019

Basic Function:
Serves as an Executive Officer and as a voting member of the Executive Council. Serves as Chair of the Membership Committee.

Responsibilities of the Executive Council as a Whole:

  1. Directs all affairs of the Texas Ophthalmological Association consistent with its policies and bylaws. 
  2. Fills vacancies in any elected office of the Association. Approves nominations for each elected office.
  3. Approves the Association operating budget each fiscal year.
  4. Determines Association positions on legislative, regulatory and judicial matters.
  5. Recruits and retains members. Determines dues amounts for membership categories.  Reviews the action of all Association committees, the Foundation and the Political Action Committee for consistency with short or long-range policy/mission objectives.
  6. Employs and sets compensation for the Executive Director.

Responsibilities of Individual Executive Council Members:

  1. Serves as “an ambassador of goodwill” for the TOA at all times while advancing and implementing the Texas Ophthalmological Association’s mission and general purpose. 
  2. As his/her own expense, attends the three regularly-scheduled Executive Council meetings, usually held on Saturdays in winter, spring and fall. On occasion, an officer may participate via speaker phone. If any officer fails to attend two consecutive regularly-scheduled meetings of the Executive Council, the office shall be declared vacant. 
  3. Participates in specially-called meetings (usually via conference call). 
  4. Serves on standing or ad-hoc committees if appointed. 
  5. Annually reviews the anti-competitive and conflict of interest policies and signs a conflict of interest disclosure form.
  6. Serves as a volunteer and receives no compensation.

Specific Responsibilities of the Secretary:

  1. The Secretary shall be the Chairman of the Membership Committee. The Secretary, with the Executive Director’s assistance, shall receive applications for membership and shall submit these to the Executive Council for approval. The Secretary through the Executive Director, shall keep the minutes of the organization and shall be responsible for active and ongoing membership recruitment. The Executive Director shall have custody of all properties of the Association at the TOA Executive Office. 
  2. The Secretary may be re-elected to not more than five consecutive terms in office.